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Leveraging the power of Google’s vast network, you can increase the visibility of your Shopify store and products. The Google & YouTube sales channel offers an exciting opportunity to make your products discoverable across various Google platforms. This article will guide you through the process of setting up this powerful channel. 

Note: As of the 1st of September, 2022, the management of the Google & YouTube sales channel has been transferred to Google. For instructions about the setup process, you can refer to Google Merchant Center Help.

Prerequisites for the Google & YouTube Sales Channel

Before you set up the Google & YouTube sales channel, it’s crucial to understand the requirements for this feature:

  • Your store’s country and currency should be compatible with the Google & YouTube channel.
  • If you’re already using Google Merchant Center for managing product feeds or Google Ads, you should consider certain factors before synchronizing your existing Google Merchant Center account.

Getting Started with the Google & YouTube Sales Channel

Once you’ve understood and met the prerequisites, you can start the setup process. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Connect Google & YouTube Channel to Your Shopify Store

To begin, you need to install the Google & YouTube channel from the Shopify App Store. Follow these steps:

  • Visit the Settings menu in your Shopify admin, then navigate to Apps and sales channels.
  • Search for Google & YouTube in the Shopify App Store.
  • Click on Add channel or Add app to install the sales channel.

Step 2: Connect Your Google Account and Google Merchant Center Account

Once you’ve installed the channel, the next step is to link your Google Account and Google Merchant Center Account to your Shopify store. This will enable the synchronization of your products with Google.

Step 3: Verify Your Google Merchant Center Account

After linking your accounts, you need to verify your Google Merchant Center account. This involves confirming your phone number and entering a 6-digit code that you receive via text message.

Step 4: Set Your Target Market and Language

With your accounts connected and verified, you can now set up where you want to sell your products by selecting a target market and language.

Step 5: Configure Your Shipping Settings

Next, you need to set up your shipping settings. You can either choose to automatically import shipping settings from Shopify or manually set up these settings in Google Merchant Center.

Step 6: Set Your Product Title and Description Preferences

Lastly, you should set your preferences for product titles and descriptions for products synced with Google.

After the Setup

Once the setup process is complete, your Shopify products will automatically sync with Google. You can view your product listing and marketing information from the Overview page in the Google sales channel.

Getting Help with Google Products

If you encounter any problems or need assistance with Google products, you can reach out to Google for help. This includes issues related to Google Merchant Center, Google Ads, Google Local Inventory, Google Analytics, and other Google-related topics.

Note: For issues related to ad approval or disapproved ads, refer to Google Ads. If you need help downloading the Google & YouTube channel or setting up products, you can contact Shopify Support.

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Terms of Service

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