Does Kuda Offer Domiciliary Accounts? (Answered)

Kuda domiciliary account

Kuda Bank has grown very popular since its launch in 2019. The digital bank offers a lot of services including sending and receiving money across Nigeria, paying bills, recharging lines with airtime, loans, and even investment options. But many wonders, among Kuda’s wide range of services, do they also grant you the ability to create a foreign account? Does Kuda have domiciliary accounts? This post seeks to do justice to this question.

What is a Domiciliary Account?

For those who may not know, a domiciliary account is a special type of bank account that allows you to receive, send, and hold foreign currencies right in the country where you live. With this account, you can deal with currencies such as US dollars, UK pounds, Euros, etc., depending on the type your bank created for you. You may also be able to convert funds from one currency to another using it.

So does Kuda offer this type of account?

Does Kuda have a Domiciliary/Dollar Account?

The straightforward answer is no! Kuda does not offer a dollar or domiciliary account at this time. The bank currently does not support sending and receiving money to and from abroad, you can only carry out local naira transactions on their network.

Does Kuda have a Dollar Card?

Kuda does not currently offer a true “Dollar Card” in the traditional sense. They haven’t launched a physical or virtual debit card specifically tied to a USD wallet like some other financial institutions do.

However, if you wish to make international purchases online, you can make use of the Kuda gift cards. These cards work on platforms like Amazon, Google Play, Netflix, and Spotify, and can be purchased with your Naira balance and used on those specific platforms without the need for a traditional dollar card.


  • Does Kuda have plans to offer domiciliary accounts in the future? Although there’s no official confirmation, Kuda has expressed interest in expanding its services, including potentially offering domiciliary accounts in the future. Keep an eye on their website and social media for updates.
  • Are there alternatives to traditional domiciliary accounts with Kuda? You can purchase Kuda’s gift cards and send them to the person abroad. You can also use these cards to make international purchases online on platforms such as Spotify.
  • Are there fees associated with using Kuda gift cards? Kuda’s gift cards generally do not have any additional processing fees on their platform. This means you won’t pay extra charges on top of the face value of the gift card when purchasing it using your Kuda account.
  • Where can I find more information about Kuda’s international services? You can visit the Kuda website’s FAQs section or contact their customer support for the latest information.


While Kuda currently doesn’t offer traditional domiciliary accounts, its gift card offerings provide a way for you to make international purchases. Be sure to check their website and social media for updates on future offerings. Remember, this information is based on publicly available data and could change in the future. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, always refer to Kuda’s official channels.

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