Ease Cash Loan App Review + Customer Care Details

Ease Cash Loan App Review

So you are in need of cash, and looking to take out a loan from the Ease Cash loan app but need to know if you should. Or perhaps you already did, and your due date is fast approaching but you still haven’t figured out how you are going to pay them back and now you are here to read some reviews to learn what your fate might be if you happen to default. Well, we will delve into all of that.

Understanding the Ease Cash Loan App

EaseCash is a mobile lending platform that grants short-term loans to Nigerians without collateral and with very few documents. They used to be known as Easymoni but rebranded into Easecash after the federal government shut down their business and had their app removed from the Google Play store. According to Easecash, their goal is to provide a fast, simple, and secure loan service to eligible Nigerians.

Is Ease Cash A Legit Loan App?

Do a quick search for “Ease Cash” on Google, and you won’t find a website that belongs to them. This is a significant red flag since no legitimate loan company operates without a web presence.

Moreover, if you search for their app on the Google Play store, it’s missing. It seems that the same fate that befell its parent app, Easymoni, has also affected this one, with Google opting to remove the app from its store.

Ease Cash is not approved by the CBN, so it can not be said to be legit. Their interest rates are usually very high, coupled with a very short repayment period. Their mode of operation can be likened to those of loan sharks, as several users have reported instances of defamation by the loan company.

Ease Cash Loan Harassment: Sending Shame and Threatening Messages To Customers

One tactic loan sharks frequently use is sending threatening and shaming messages to their customers in a bid to recover debts. While this is an unethical approach frowned upon by the FCCPC, Ease Cash is notably known to employ such tactics. Here are a few examples of such messages that 8MagicMoney was able to gather:

Tap on each image to view it clearly.


As evidenced by the images, Ease Cash doesn’t just send threatening messages to borrowers. They also reach out to the borrower’s contacts, informing them about the individual’s unpaid loan. They might even label the defaulting individual as a fraudster, a “419er,” or even falsely accuse them of having HIV. This is uncalled for, and no company should be allowed to treat its customers in such a manner.

What Are Ease Cash Customer Care Details?

Ease Cash operates secretly and very little information can be found about them even on their very app. They do not have a website, they have not made public a phone number to contact them with, nor do they have an official WhatsApp line. What they do have, however, is a non-functional chat feature on their app, and an email (product@easycash.co) that heaven knows how long they will take to respond to.

They make it hard to contact them but will not hesitate to keep sending you unsolicited messages urging you to take a loan. And when you default, will rain fire and brimstone on your head.

That said, if you seriously need to contact them, you can try your luck with one of the contact details from the harassment image messages above, or use their email address product@easycash.co and see if you will get through.

So, Should You Install Ease Cash?

The direct answer is No. You should not install Ease Cash or borrow money from them. They are a fraudulent company that takes advantage of the hardship in the country to defraud its users with very high interest rates and unreasonable repayment plans. You should use a registered loan app instead.

However, if you’re still considering borrowing from Ease Cash, make sure you have a solid repayment plan. Only borrow what you’re confident you can repay.

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