Green Microfinance Loan Review: All You Need To Know

Green Microfinance Loan Review

So, there is a new kid on the block (in terms of loan platforms) that claims to offer Nigerians same-day approval loans of up to 1 million naira, with no collateral, no guarantor, and bla bla bla… I am talking about none other than the Green Microfinance Loan platform. But is this platform legit? Should you even waste your time and potentially your money trying to get a loan from them?

In this review, I will tell you all you need to know about this platform, its offerings, its legitimacy, its requirements, etc., so you can be able to decide whether to pursue your desire to do business with them, or to look elsewhere.

Green Microfinance Loan Review: Is It Genuine?

Alright guys, let’s get straight to business. Is Green Microfinance Loan legit? I will say straight away here that this platform should be avoided at all costs. It smells fishy and scammy and here are my reasons:

1. Sketchy “About Us” Page

An About page of any website usually consists of the company’s history, mission and values, team profile, brief info of the products and services they are offering, contact information, etc.

However, upon visiting the About page of the Green Microfinance Loan website, I was greeted with something totally different. There is not even a single mention of the name “Green Microfinance Loan” on that page, let alone giving us any information about its owners, even considering how lengthy the post is. Instead, we were being fed with the history of “Microfinance”.

Green Microfinance Loan Review

They wrote a blog post spanning over 700 words defining the term Microfinance and telling us when it was founded, who founded it, and several other details that we care not about. All I needed was some concise information about the company and its owners for Pete’s sake.

If this isn’t a red flag, I don’t know what is.


2. No Address

After checking their About page and growing suspicious of them, I decided to dig further for more proof so as not to pass the wrong judgment on someone’s business.

My next stop was their address. I needed to know where they are located so that should any case come up, I can be able to pay them a visit to sort things out. But alas! There’s no address. They didn’t even try to put a fake so I can dig further. They just plainly stated that they are located in 4 different locations in Nigeria. Where are these locations? Lagos, Benin, Abuja, Enugu, they said. Where exactly in these states? We weren’t told.

Green Microfinance Loan fake

Still not convinced that you should avoid this site by all means? Oh well, keep reading.


3. False Website Age Claim

False Website Age Claim

Let me say here that I used to be a chronic borrower. It got to the point where I started borrowing from one online loan platform to pay another. This went on for so many years till thankfully, I got out of that bondage. What am I trying to say? I know a lot of loan apps and websites. I have used lots and lots of them. So when I saw the Green Microfinance Loan claiming it was registered in 2015, this piqued my interest as I never heard of it in all my years of borrowing. So I decided to confirm for myself.

But before I proceed, did you notice the “Powered by CBN” inscription on the copyright? What does that tell you? Well, back to my digging.

I did a quick Whois lookup on the domain and here’s the result:

Green Microfinance Loan Whois check

From the screenshot above, you can confirm that the domain was registered in 2021 as against the 2015 its owners are claiming. This alone raises doubt about the acclaimed age, still, I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt. I looked into their backlinks profile, wondering if they had 301 redirected from an older domain.

What do I mean by a 301 redirect? When a business website that has been in existence decides to change its domain to another domain for whatever reason, it usually points that old domain to the new one so that when a visitor visits that old site, they will be redirected to the new site. So, with Green Microfinance Loan claiming a 2015 registration against the actual 2021 date, I thought maybe they’d been around on a different domain before. But I couldn’t find any signs of that – it looks like a lie.


4. Request of Payment First Before Loan Assessment

This obviously is the biggest red flag and is probably the reason I decided to do this review in the first place. After registering on the Green Microfinance Loan website, I was greeted with the below page:

Can you believe it? They asked me to purchase a membership card! Since when does a loan platform require users to pay a fee before they’ve even applied for a loan? Out of curiosity, I clicked on the purchase link to see what came next.

I was then shown three card options:

  1. Gold Card
  2. Black Card
  3. Diamond Card

Clicking on the Gold card, I was asked to pay the sum of 1000 naira to a certain account number in order to activate the card. I checked the Black card, and its price was 2000 naira. I proceeded to check the last one which was the Diamond card and confirmed its price of 3000 naira.

I wasn’t going to buy any of the cards of course, as I already confirmed it’s a fake, especially after seeing the bank details I am supposed to make the payment to. It would have made more sense for them to deduct any processing fee from the loan amount and then transfer the remainder to the borrower.


5. Suspicious Bank Account Details

If you’ve read up to this point, you’re either engrossed in the article or you had such a strong intention to borrow from this platform that you needed solid evidence to dissuade you.

Whichever it is, here’s my last and final proof that the Green Microfinance Loan platform is sketchy and should be avoided.

Easyloan green microfinance loan fake

For those of you who know how Palmpay operates, I am sure you must be having a laugh by now. I mean literally anybody can own a bank account today without submitting any form of identification whatsoever, all thanks to Palmpay.

With Palmpay you can create a bank account without having a BVN, no ID, or even proof of address. Simply put, Palmpay is unfortunately one of the banks scammers use when they need to defraud their fellow Nigerians.

If you decide to proceed with transferring money to that account details, just kiss your money goodbye as tracing it is nearly impossible.

So, What is the Verdict?

Are you still asking? It’s clear to me: Green Microfinance Loan is a scam platform, designed by unscrupulous individuals targeting unsuspecting Nigerians in need of a loan. If you’ve reached this point in the review, consider yourself fortunate. You’ve just sidestepped a potential pitfall. The membership fees ranging from 1k to 3k might appear very small but think about it: if 100 people were to pay that fee to that account daily, imagine how much the scammers are making.

FAQs On The EasyLoan Green Microfinance Loan

What are Green microfinance loan requirements?

Green Microfinance Loan requires you to pay for a membership card before you can even access the loan application page if any. Legit loan platforms do not request for such which makes this platform a scam that should be avoided.

What is the Green microfinance loan interest rate?

There is no need asking for the Green Microfinance Loan interest rates as we’ve already established that this platform is a fishy one that should not be patronized.

And that’s it from me on this Green Microfinance Loan review. After reading this, I believe you have now made up your mind on whether to proceed or to retract. If you need a genuine loan platform, here are 10 apps where you can apply for an urgent loan in Nigeria.

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