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IBEDC Customer Care

IBEDC, also known as Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company, is one of Nigeria’s most prominent electric distribution companies. This company was launched on the 1st of November 2013 and is in charge of distributing electricity to those in Oyo, Ogun, Osun, Kwara, and some parts of Niger, Ekiti, and Kogi states. If you are in any of these states and need to get in touch with their customer care agents, you will find the IBEDC customer care call lines, WhatsApp number, and email address below.

IBEDC has its head office in Ibadan, Oyo state.

IBEDC Customer Care Details

Tel: 07001239999
Email: customercare@ibedc.com
WhatsApp number: 0705 909 3900

Social Media

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/IBEDC_NG
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ibedc.ng
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ibedc.ng/

Tip: If you are unable to reach them quickly via their telephone line or even on WhatsApp, you can use Twitter. Just tag them in the reply section of any popular post on Twitter, and you will most likely be responded to.

IBEDC Customer Business Hub

To reach out to the IBEDC in person, you can visit one of their Business Hub addresses below. The IBEDC Business Hub is like a main store where those under the Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC) area go for all their electricity needs. It provides a variety of services, including:

  • Metering: IBEDC Business Hub can help you get metered so that you can start using electricity legally.
  • Billing: IBEDC Business Hub can help you understand your bills and dispute any errors.
  • Faults: IBEDC Business Hub can help you report faults and get them fixed quickly.
  • Payment: IBEDC Business Hub can help you pay your electricity bills.
  • Customer care: IBEDC Business Hub can help you with any other queries you may have about electricity.

IBEDC Business Hubs are located in strategic locations across the IBEDC franchise area. They have experienced and knowledgeable customer service representatives who can help you with any of your electricity needs.

To visit them, use one of the addresses closest to you:


Name Business Hubs Address Phone Number
IBEDC Headquarters Headquarters Capital Building, 115 Moshood Abiola Way (Old Ring Rd.), Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria 09053698850
Ojoo- Oyo Regional Office Ojoo 35 Ojoo/UI Road, Onilearo Bus Stop, Ojoo, Ibadan. 09053698867
Ashi Service Unit Ojoo Agbeke House, Vine Store B/Stop, Ashi, Ibadan. 09053698867
Orogun Service Unit Ojoo 15 Oyo Road, Opp. UI 2nd Gate, Orogun. 09053698867
Bashorun Service Unit Ojoo Behind Rosewale, Filling Station, Iwo Road. 09053698867
Moniya Service Unit Ojoo Opp Akinyele L.G. Secrtariat, Moniya, Ibadan. 09053698867
Ojoo Service Unit Ojoo Alphonso Bus Stop, Idi Ori, Old Oyo Rd., Ibadan. 09053698867
Eruwa Service Center Apata Ibadan Road, New Eruwa, Eruwa 09053698852
Apata Service Unit Apata Bcga Bus Stop, Apata, Ibadan 09053698852
Idi-Ishin Service Unit Apata Estate Gate, Jericho GRA, Ibadan. 09053698852
Akanran Road Business Hub Akanran Carew Estate, Behind Green Spring Motel, Old Ife Road, Ibadan. 09053698853
Shoka Service Unit Akanran Off Shoka B/Stop, Opp. Laurel Supermarket. 09053698853
Olunde Cash Office Akanran Olunde Substation, Ibadan 09053698853
Gbagi Service Unit Akanran Fasfas Junction, Old Ife Road, Gbagi, Ibadan. 09053698853
Adegbayi Service Unit Akanran Opp. Honors Filling Station, Old Ife Road. 09053698853
Agugu Service Unit Akanran Agugu Junction, Agugu Market, Ibadan. 09053698853
Molete Main Office Molete Adjacent P&G, Along 7Up Road, Oluyole Ind. Estate, Ibadan. 09053698864
Ologuneru Service Unit Apata Carpenter Bus-Stop, Ologuneru, Ibadan. 09053698852
Apata Business Unit Apata Jitalex Houses at Ago Taylor, Odo-Ona, lbadan. 09053698852
Molete Service Unit Molete Capital Building, 115 Moshood Abiola Way (Old Ring Rd.), Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria 09053698864
Liberty Service Unit Molete Beside Nufat Petrol Station, Liberty Road, Ibadan 09053698864
Oke Ado Service Unit Molete Opp. Ashank Hotel, Liberty Road, Ibadan 09053698864
Felele Service Unit Molete Opp. Amazing Grace Petrol Station, Felele Straight. 09053698864
Boluwaji Service Unit Molete Academy bus-stop, Opp. NURTW, Lagos-Ibadan Exp Rd. 09053698864
Challenge Service Unit Molete Interchange, Lagos-Ibadan Express Rd. 09053698864
Odo Ona Service Unit Molete Off Nolly-wood Pet. Station, New Garage Exp Rd. 09053698864
Elebu Service Unit Molete Ire-akari b/stop, Akala Express way, Ibadan. 09053698864
Egbeda Service Centre Molete Christ Power, Iyana Olode, Ibadan. 09053698864
Monatan Main Office Monatan Emmanuel Building, Alabebe, Iyana Church, Monatan, Ibadan. 09053698865
Akobo Service Unit Monatan De Rock Plaza, Gen Gas Area, Akobo Basorun. 09053698865
Alakia Service Unit Monatan Ayinke Shopping Complex, Along Ibadan Ife Exp. 09053698865
Olodo Service Unit Monatan Galilee B/Stop, Near Olodo, Ibadan. 09053698865
Lagelu Service Centre Monatan Lalupon Shopping Complex, Lagelu 09053698865
Yawiri Service Centre Monatan Elewuro Area, Yawiri, Ibadan. 09053698865
Aduloju Service Unit Ojoo Irepodun Street, Near Kajorepo Police Station, Along Iwo Rd. Express Way, Ibadan. 09053698867
High School, Service Unit Ogbomosho Along Oyo – Ibadan Express Rd 09053698870
Sabo Service Unit Ogbomosho Beside Sabo Baptist Church Ilorin Road 09053698870
Ojaigbo Service Unit Ogbomosho Ita Koko Beside Fire Station 09053698870
Takie Service Unit Ogbomosho Cooperative Building Odo Oru Ogbomoso 09053698870
Omi-Adio Service Unit Apata Beside Omi Garage, Abeokuta Road, Ibadan. 09053698852
Apete Service Unit Dugbe 1 Temitope Str, Awotan, Apete, Ibadan. 07000123999
Dugbe Main Office Dugbe 1 Magazine Road, Ibadan 07001239999
Name Business Hubs Address ?
Iseyin Service Unit Oyo Beside Police Station, Okutapemo, Iseyin. 09053698865
Okeho Service Unit Oyo Isemile Road, Isia Area, Okeho. 09053698865
Saki Service Unit Oyo Beside L.A. Pry. Sch., Oke Taba, Shaki. 09053698865
Isale Oyo Service Unit Oyo Opp. Koso Pry Sch., Isale Oyo. 09053698865
Ilora Service Unit Oyo Oke Gege, Beside Skolly Petrol Station, Ilora. 09053698865
Oyo Main Office Oyo Opp. Fola Tyre Sawmill Area, Oyo 09053698865
Kishi Service Unit Kishi Ground floor of Oganla’s house, Kishi, Oyo state. ?


Osun State

Name Business Hubs Address Phone Number
Ikire Service Unit Ile-Ife Ayedaade Area Apomu Road Ikire 09053698861
Mayfair Service Unit Ile-Ife May Fair, Nitel Junction Ile Ife 09053698861
Fajuyi Service Center Ile-Ife Road Ile Ife 09053698861
Okesoda Service Unit Ile-Ife Alapere B/Stop Oke Soda Iloro Ile Ife 09053698861
Osogbo Service Unit Osogbo Beside Total Filling Station Road Osogbo 09053698869
Ile-Ife Main Office Ile-Ife Lagare Road, Ile-Ife. 09053698861
Ipetumodu Service Unit Ipetu Koso Road, Ipetumodu. ?
Okee Fia Service Unit Osogbo Dada Estate, Osogbo 09053698869
Ogooluwa Service Unit Osogbo Gbogan Road Osogbo 09053698869
Otaefun Service Unit Osogbo Beside Stadium, Osogbo 09053698869
Name Business Hubs Address Phone Number
Aiyetoro Service Unit Osogbo Pipeline Area, Ikirun Road, Osogbo 09053698869
Osogbo Main Office Osogbo Beside Total Filling Station Road, Osogbo 09053698869
Ogbaagba Service Unit Ede Ede Area 09053698857
Ejigbo Service Unit Ede Ejigbo 09053698857
Oja-Timi Service Unit Ede Cottage Area Ede 09053698857
Cottage Service Unit Ede Cottage Area, Ede. 09053698857
Iwo Service Unit Ede Iwo Service Unit 09053698857
Ido-Osun Service Unit Ede Iddo Osun 09053698857
Ifon Service Unit Ede Ifon Osun 09053698857
Ilobu Service Unit Ede Ilobu 09053698857
Ede Main Office Ede Oke Gada, Ede. 09053698857
Name Business Hubs Address Phone Number
Ilesa Main Office Ilesa Oke Omiru Rd., Ilesha 07001239999
Ila Orangun Service Unit Ikirun Ila 09053698860
Iree Service Unit Ikirun Iree 09053698860
Okuku Service Unit Ikirun Okuku 09053698860
Inisa Service Unit Ikirun Inisa 09053698860
Odofun Service Unit Ikirun Ikirun 09053698860
Station Road Service Unit Ikirun Station Road, Ikirun 09053698860
Iragbiji Service Unit Ikirun Main Road, Iragbiji 09053698860
Name Business Hubs Address Phone Number
Osu Service Unit Ilesa ? 07001239999
IIbokun Service Unit Ilesa ? 07001239999
Ipetu-Ijesa Service Unit Ilesa Ipetu Ijesa 07001239999
Efon Alaaye Service Unit Ilesa Efon Alaye 07001239999
Esa-Oke Service Unit Ilesa Esaoke 07001239999
Jesa Service Unit Ilesa Ijebu-jesa 07001239999
Ilaje Service Unit Ilesa Ilesa 07001239999
Isare Service Unit Ilesa Ilesa 07001239999
Isokun Service Unit Ilesa Ilesa 07001239999



Name Business Hubs Address Phone Number
Ijako & Ijako Service Unit Ota Ijako, Ijoko, Sango Ota. 07053315500
Iyesi Service Unit Ota Sango, Ota. 07053315500
Ifo Service Unit Ota Ifo. 07053315500
Otta Main Office Ota Joju, Sango Ota. 07053315500
Iganmode Service Unit Ota Sango, Ota. 07053315500
Owode Service Unit Ota Owode 07053315500
Odogbolu Service Unit Sagamu 1 Oladipo Diya Road Odogbolu 09053698873
Sagamu Main Office Sagamu 1 Hospital Road Sagamu 09053698873
Owode Service Unit Sagamu Ofada Road Owode 09053698873
Iperu Service Unit Sagamu Ogere Road Iperu Remo 09053698873
Sabo Service Unit Sagamu Court Area Gbogan 09053698873
Name Business Hubs Address Phone  Number
Igbobi Service Unit Sagamu Ewesi Road Makun, Sagamu 09053698873
Mowe Service Unit Sagamu Asimolowo B/Stop Ofada Road Mowe 09053698873
Ogijo Service Unit Sagamu Omoleye Bus Stop Opp Total Filling Station 09053698873
Ijeun Main Office Ijeun Abiola Way Close To Nnpc Leme Abeokuta 09053698859
Ayetoro Service Unit Olumo Ayetoro 09053698868
Obantoko Service Unit Ijeun Obantoko, Abeokuta 09053698859
Odeda Service Unit Ijeun Odeda Area Abeokuta 09053698859
Asero Service Unit Ijeun Asero Area Abeokuta 09053698859
Sabo Service Unit Olumo Sabo Area Abeokuta 09053698868
Imo Service Unit Ijeun Nepa Road Imo Abeokuta 09053698859
Iberekodo Service Unit Olumo Akomoje Area Abeokuta 09053698868
Sapon Service Unit Olumo Sapon Area Abeokuta 09053698868
Adigbe Service Unit Olumo Adigbe Area, Abeokuta 09053698868
Olumo Main Office Olumo Idi Ori Abeokuta 09053698868
Itori Service Unit Olumo Itori 09053698868
Imeko S/C  Service Unit Imeko Olugbese compound oke ?ola,lmeko ,Ogun State. ?
Isaga Orile S/S Office Ijeun Isaga Orile Area 09053698859
IBEDC Office , Ibara GRA Olumo IBEDC G.R.A Ibara Housing Etate, Abeokuta Ogun- state 09053698868
Name Business Hubs Address Phone Number
Idowa Service Unit Ijebu Ode Oke Soko street, Ala Rd. ldowa. ?
Ijebu-Ife Service Unit Ijebu Ode No 207, Ajalorin Rd. ljebu-lfe. ?
Ijebu-Igbo Service Unit Ijebu Ode No 5, Obiyemi west End Rd, ljebu-lgbo ?
Apebi Service Unit Ijebu Ode No. 72 bonojo street, ljebu-ode ?
Ijebu-Ode Main Office Ijebu Ode Fidipote Street, Behind Ijebu Ode Local Govt. Secretariat. ?



Name Business Hubs Address Phone Number
Omu-Aran Main Office Omu-Aran Omu-Aran City Complex, Omu-Aran 09053698870
Oro Service Unit Omu-Aran Oro Town 09053698870
Erin-Ile Service Unit Omu-Aran ? 09053698870
Ijagbo Service Unit Omu-Aran ? 09053698870
Orita-Merin Service Unit Omu-Aran Oritamerin, Offa 09053698870
Offa Service Unit Omu-Aran Idi Ogun Area, Oshogbo Road, Offa 09053698870
Egbe Service Unit Omu-Aran Oyi Layout, Egbe 09053698870
Oro-Ago Service Unit Omu-Aran ? 09053698870
Oke-Onigbin Service Unit Omu-Aran Oba’s Palace, Osi. 09053698870
Osi Service Unit Omu-Aran Oba’s Palace, Osi 09053698870
Jebba Service Unit Jebba Idiagbon Area Jebba 09053698863
Agba Service Unit Challenge Gaa Akanbi Area, Ilorin 09053698855
Ganmo Service Centre / Irewolede Service Unit Challenge Ita Alamu, Ajase Ipo Road, Ilorin 09053698855
Tanke Service Unit / GRA Service Unit Challenge Fate Road, opposite family support program, G.R.A. Ilorin. 09053698855
Challenge Main Office Challenge Muritala Mohammed Way, Ilorin 09053698855
New Bussa Service Unit Jebba Back Of Maya Mosque, New Bussa 09053698863
Mokwa Service Unit Jebba Kaduna Road, Mokwa 09053698863
Share Service Unit Jebba Back of First Bank, Share 09053698863
Name Business Hubs Address Phone  Number
Kulende Service Unit Baboko Muritala Mohammed Rd., Ilorin 09053698854
Aiyetoro Service Unit Baboko Asa-Dam Area, Ilorin 09053698854
Otte Service Unit Baboko Otte, along Airport, Ilorin, Kwara State 09053698854
Baboko Main Office Baboko Oja Titu 09053698854
Surulere Service Unit Baboko Adewole Estate, Ilorin. 09053698854
Shao Service Centre Baboko Beside Shao Palace, Shao town Ilorin Kwara state. 09053698854
Oloje service unit Baboko Oloje Alagbado Road, Ilorin. 09053698854


If you reside in Oyo, Ogun, Osun, Kwara, or parts of Niger, Ekiti, and Kogi states, IBEDC (Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company) is your go-to service provider. You can reach out to their customer care agents via telephone, Email, social media, and even on WhatsApp. You can also visit them in person by using one of their business hub addresses closest to you.


All You Need To Know About IBEDC and Its Business Hubs

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