How to Stop Loan Apps From Calling Your Contact

How to stop loan apps from accessing my contact

If you’ve ever borrowed money from a loan app, you know how convenient and fast it can be. However, some loan apps may not be as reputable as others, and you may find yourself bombarded with calls and messages from lenders and debt collectors.

Loan sharks are the worst! They won’t just be contacting you alone, but will also call and text your phone contacts. This can be annoying, embarrassing, and even dangerous, as your personal information is being shared without your consent.

In this post, we’ll discuss how to stop loan apps from calling your contact and what steps you can take to protect your privacy and personal information.

How do loan apps access your contacts?

Loan apps can access your contact in a number of ways, and the most common way is via the permission you granted them.

When you first install and launch a loan app, it will request permission to your phone so as to view things like your contact, sms, calendars, photos, etc. If you grant these permissions, the app will collect your contact details, including phone numbers, email addresses, and other personal information, which will then be used against you when you are unable to pay back the loan.

Some other ways loan apps can get your phone contact details include:

  • Social media: Loan apps may use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to collect your contact information. They may access your social media profiles to retrieve phone numbers, email addresses, and other details of your friends, family, and colleagues.
  • Public records: Some loan apps may use public records to obtain your contact information. They will search for your name and address in public records like property deeds, court records, and other government documents to gather your phone number and other personal details.
  • Data brokers: Loan apps can also obtain your contact information from data brokers who collect and sell personal information. Data brokers collect data from various sources, such as public records, surveys, and other online activities, and sell it to loan apps and other businesses.
  • Online directories: Loan apps may also get your contact information from online directories like Yellow Pages or White Pages. These directories contain phone numbers, addresses, and other details of businesses and individuals and are publicly accessible.

You can protect yourself online by limiting the personal information you share. Take your time to read loan apps’ privacy policies and terms and conditions carefully, and regularly review your social media accounts’ settings and permissions to block loan apps from accessing your data without authorization.

Can loan apps access your contacts if uninstalled?

But what if you uninstalled the loan app altogether, can it still gain access to your contacts? Technically, no! A¬†loan app cannot access your contacts after it’s uninstalled from your phone. Once you uninstall an app, all the permissions it previously had, including access to your contacts, are revoked. The app no longer has any presence on your device, meaning it cannot read or store any data, including your contact list.

But… Yes, there is a but. There are cases where the loan app can still have your contact info even after you have uninstalled the app from your device. These include:

  • Data cached by the app: If the app cached a copy of your contacts before being uninstalled, it might still have access to it on the device’s internal storage. But this cached data is usually temporary. Before uninstalling the app, make sure to clear its storage and cached memory. Also, clearing your phone’s storage using a cache cleaner can remove this cached data.
  • Data stored online: If the app stored your contacts on its own servers before you uninstalled it, those contacts might still be accessible by the app through its online platform. Unfortunately, the only way to remove your contact list here is by reaching out to the loan app support to tell them about deleting your data.
  • Permissions granted to other apps: If you granted permission to access your contacts to another app that has a connection to the one you uninstalled, the one you uninstalled can still have access to your contacts.

How to stop loan apps from accessing your contacts

To stop loan apps from calling your contacts whether you are using an Android or iPhone device, there are a number of steps you must take.

There are two methods to this, the short method and the long one.

The short method is what I see everyone using and posting about, but to tell you the truth, it is not always reliable and it would be better if you just pay up your loan.

Now the long method can be very complicated, especially for those who aren’t techy enough, however, I will try my best to make it simpler for you. This method was made known by Bornbiafra of Nairaland and it is still working as of now.

Whichever method you decide to use, it is important to carry it out before your loan’s due date otherwise you will just be wasting your time.

Method 1: Deny the permissions granted to the loan app

Remember when you first gave the loan app permission to read your contact? Yes, they have those contacts stored up in their database and are waiting for the day you default to make use of them.

But if after collecting the loan you deny them the permissions and delete their apps from your phone, when they go to retrieve your contact, they would be unable to do so as they no longer have the permission.

To stop a loan app from calling or sending messages to your contacts, deny them access. See how below:

  • Go to Settings on your Android or iOS device.
  • Navigate to the Apps Manager.
  • Click on Apps permission.
  • Select the loan app in question.
  • Revoke every permission previously given to them.

This method is perceived as unreliable because lots of users have complained that the loan apps still messaged their contact after they defaulted. The second method below is much more solid.

Method 2: Block and confuse the loan apps

This method is actually not for everyone because of its length and technicality and I am only sharing it here because there’s yet to be a more proven way to prevent loan apps from accessing your contact after taking a loan. However, if you will be able to pull it through, say bye-bye to loan sharks ever calling your contact again. See the process below:

1. Long press on the loan App Icon.
2. Click on “App info” from the menu that pops up.
3. Click on Storage & cache
4. Clear Storage/Mobile Data and Cache
5. Look for “Permissions” and under it deny all access there.
6. Turn off Background mobile Data sharing
7. Now Force Stop
8. Uninstall!!!

*****Do this for all Apps
8. Go to your Facebook.
9. Go to settings.
10. Scroll down to the off-Facebook activity.
11. Click on Clear History.
12. Tap on More Options.
13. Tap Manage Future Activity
14. Turn off the switch
15. Deny Facebook, Instagram, and other Apps from reaching your contacts or phone.
16. On your phone, go to Settings.
17. Scroll down to Accounts.
18. Click on all the Gmail accounts on your phone.
19. Stop synchronization of everything there under “Account Sync”.
20. Click on the Google Account.
21. Under Data & Privacy, you will see many options like “info you can share with others”, and contacts to third-party apps… Stop everything!!!
22. Save your new settings.

23. Go to Chrome browser on your phone.
24. Type
25. You will see all the contacts you saved in your Google accounts.
26. Select all and click export (the arrow facing up) as Google CSV.
27. Save the CSV file in a safe folder and lock with a password
28. Now delete all contacts.
29. Go to your phone menu.
30. Click on the contacts icon. Delete all contacts both on Sim and phone.
31. Some contacts will say cannot delete because it’s saved as admin or so.
32. Enter the phone contact icon. Click on Sim and select those contacts. They will be deleted.
33. Download contacts by Google on Playstore to recheck and confirm.
***Check Trash too and delete!!!!

34. Go to your call logs (incoming, missed, and outgoing calls) and delete everything.
35. Go to sms and delete everything.
36. Then start adding fake numbers as much as possible. You can easily download fake Vcf contact files by searching on Google.
37. Save as mother, father, sister, brother, neighbor, Pastor, etc.
38. Save plenty like 500-2500.
39. Dail some and also send some messages.


40. Then download all apps back. Both once you are owing already … grant them access.
41. Even if they’re very strong to have some contacts already. These ones will confuse them.

42. After using the fake contact details and you want to return your phone to normal.
43. Repeat stages 21-30.
44. Save that vcf file as fake contacts and save it in a safe folder and lock with a password.
45. Then import back your new contacts after you must’ve completed stages 1- 7.
46. You’re good to go!

This second method is a surefire way of blocking loan apps from accessing your contact, I have 100% tested it and confirmed its reliability, so with this, you don’t have to continue having sleepless nights because you are owing some loan app money.

But note, this is not to encourage you not to pay back the loan you borrowed. If you borrow money from someone… anyone, courtesy demands that you pay it back. So while this post is teaching you how to prevent loan apps from calling or messaging your contact, it is only doing so to buy you more time so as to gather the money and pay back.

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