21 Loan Apps Without Face Verification In Nigeria

Loan apps without face verification

It’s no longer news that most loan apps in Nigeria now require you to verify your identity by taking a selfie. They see this as a reliable way to know their customers. While this may be effective for them, for some of us who value our privacy, it is bad news. This raises the question: Are there still loan apps in Nigeria that do not require face verification to process our loans? 8MagicMoney is here to delve into this topic.

Why Do Loan Apps Require Face Verification?

Loan apps require face verification for a number of reasons, including:

  1. Know Your Customer (KYC) Compliance: KYC compliance is a set of rules that financial institutions must follow to stop fraud and money laundering. Part of KYC is confirming the identity of customers. Loan apps use selfies to check if the borrower’s face matches the photo on their government ID.
  2. Fraud Prevention: Selfies are handy for catching and preventing fraud. If a borrower’s selfie doesn’t match their ID, it’s a warning sign for the loan app that something might be fishy. Selfies can also help identify deepfakes, which are fake videos or photos manipulated to make someone look like they’re doing or saying something they never did.
  3. Risk Assessment: Loan apps use facial verification to decide if lending to a borrower is risky. If the borrower’s selfie shows them in a different place than their ID, the app might refuse the loan. This happens because the app might think the borrower isn’t who they say they are or that they’re trying to open a fake account.
  4. As Collateral: This mainly pertains to loan sharks. They often demand your selfie to use as leverage. Their strategy is to threaten you with publicizing your photos if you can’t repay them, hoping this will push you to find a way to repay the money.

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Is Face Verification Required for All Loan Apps in Nigeria?

No, facial verification is not required for all loan apps in Nigeria. There are a number of loan apps that do not require you to take a selfie before they process your loan. These loan apps use other verification methods like your BVN, a photo of your ID, bank statements, etc.

List Of Loan Apps Without Facial Verification

Below are some of the top loan apps in Nigeria that do not need your selfie to give you a loan:

1. Lcredit

2. Apex,

3. Umba

4. Cashrun,

4. Easykash,

5. Linkcredit,

6. Xcredit,

7. Life purse,

8. JumiaOne,

9. Okash,

10. Aella

11. Bella Credit,

12. Cash Hall,

13. Easy Money Loan,

14. Fair Naira,

15. Eyowo,

16. ALAT,

17. Carbon,

18. PalmCredit,

19. Quickteller,

20. Loan Salad,

21. Vkash,

Please be aware that some of the loan apps on this list have not been licensed by the CBN, so can be considered loan sharks. Loan sharks are notorious for defaming a user who defaults on a loan, so you need to exercise caution when dealing with them.

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Wrapping Up

The above are some of the loan apps that do not request face verification during registration. While this list is correct as of the time of compiling it, it is important to note that these apps may decide to change their terms and make taking a selfie a must. If that happens, you may want to take extra precautions if you decide to submit your facials.

When you’re considering a loan app that wants your selfies, here’s how to protect your info:

First, choose apps that you can trust, ones that won’t mishandle your personal data.

Second, read and understand the app’s rules about how they use your info. Make sure it’s clear.

Lastly, be careful not to send selfies with your private stuff like your address or birthdate. If you follow these steps, you can use loan apps without worry, knowing your money and privacy are safe.

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