7 Apps Like Temu to Make Money in 2024

Apps Like Temu to Earn Money

Temu’s treasure trove of affordable goods has charmed bargain hunters worldwide. But did you know you can actually make money using apps like Temu? Yes, you heard that right! This post dives deep into an array of apps similar to Temu, where savvy individuals can turn their shopping prowess into sweet, sweet cash.

How to Monetize the Temu-Like Apps

Before we start listing all the similar apps like Temu that can help you earn some cool cash, let’s explore the various avenues for earning with them:

  • Affiliate Marketing: Share your Temu finds with the world! Apps like Rakuten and Honey offer affiliate programs where you earn commissions on purchases made through your unique link. Think of yourself as a virtual shopping guide, directing friends and followers to the hottest deals.
  • Content Creation: Unleash your inner influencer! Platforms like TikTok and YouTube offer fertile ground for showcasing Temu hauls and product reviews. Build a loyal audience, and brands (including Temu itself) might take notice, sending your earnings skyrocketing.
  • Reselling: Savvy shoppers can snag bargain items on apps like Temu and flip them for profit on platforms like eBay or Poshmark. Research trending products, refine your pricing strategy and watch your bank account smile.

Best Temu Alternatives to Make Money

Now, let’s get app-tastic! Here are some options to jumpstart your monetization journey:

1. Shopkick:


Forget boring errands, Shopkick transforms them into a points-generating adventure! This app rewards you for simply walking into stores, scanning products, and making purchases. Partnered with various retailers, including many you’d find on Temu, Shopkick lets you rack up “kicks” with every step. Think of it as a fitness tracker for your shopping sprees! Redeem your kicks for gift cards at top retailers or splurge on exciting rewards like gadgets and tech gear. So, lace up your sneakers, download Shopkick, and turn your shopping routine into a rewarding quest!

2. Fetch Rewards:

Fetch Rewards

Grocery receipts? More like gold mines! Fetch Rewards transforms those paper slips into virtual treasure maps, rewarding you with points for scanning them. Buy your favorite brands, including many found on Temu, and watch your points pile up. But Fetch Rewards isn’t just about groceries. They partner with popular restaurants and convenience stores, expanding your earning potential beyond the aisle. Exchange your points for gift cards at your favorite retailers or cash in for PayPal credit. So, ditch the boring receipts and start scanning with Fetch Rewards – you might just be surprised at the hidden value in your shopping basket!

3. Swagbucks:

Temu alternative to earn money

Who says watching videos and playing games can’t pay off? Swagbucks is living proof! This app offers a smorgasbord of micro-tasks, from completing surveys and watching ads to playing casual games and exploring online offers. Every action earns you “Swagbucks,” which you can then redeem for a variety of rewards, including gift cards, PayPal cash, or even donate to charity. Swagbucks is your perfect companion for those spare moments, turning mindless scrolling into potentially profitable play. So, ditch the boredom and dive into the world of Swagbucks – you might just earn some extra cash while having fun!

4. Wish:


Another treasure trove of affordable goods, Wish boasts a vast selection of trendy items at incredibly low prices. Similar to Temu, Wish offers an affiliate program where you can earn commissions by sharing unique links to products with your audience. You can also leverage the platform’s social features to build a community around your finds and engage in discussions about bargains and trends.

5. Shein:


A fashionista’s haven, Shein is renowned for its on-trend apparel and accessories at unbelievably budget-friendly prices. While Shein doesn’t currently have an official affiliate program, the platform’s popularity presents ample opportunities for content creation and reselling. Partner with brands through influencer marketing channels, showcase your Shein hauls and style recommendations on social media or curate trendy collections to resell on platforms like Poshmark.

6. Drop:

Drop app

This app takes a unique approach to shopping, offering flash sales on trending and brand-name items for limited periods. The catch? You have to compete for the limited quantities during these lightning-fast sales. But if you’re quick and strategic, you can snag amazing deals on popular products. Partner with brands for sponsored placements during these sales or become a product tester to access exclusive deals earlier. You can then resell these hot items on other platforms for a potential profit.

7. Ibotta:


While not directly tied to finding affordable items like Temu, Ibotta provides a clever way to earn cashback on your everyday purchases, including many brands found on Temu. Simply link your shopping loyalty cards or upload grocery receipts, and Ibotta will credit you with cashback for eligible items. This cashback can then be used to fuel your Temu sprees, boosting your potential profit margins when reselling or using affiliate links.

FAQs: Your Monetization Masterclass

Q: Is affiliate marketing with Temu legit?

A: Absolutely! Temu has a dedicated affiliate program, and other platforms like Rakuten and Honey offer Temu links for commissionable purchases.

Q: What type of content works best for Temu-related earnings?

A: Authenticity is key! Honest reviews, creative hauls, and product comparisons resonate with viewers. Focus on value and entertainment, and watch your engagement soar.

Q: Is reselling worth the effort?

A: It depends! Researching trends and setting competitive prices is crucial. If you enjoy sourcing and selling, it can be a lucrative side hustle.

Remember: Earning through apps requires dedication and creativity. Be patient, build your audience, and most importantly, have fun! Who knows, your next Temu find might be the springboard to a thriving side hustle.

Ready to unleash your monetization magic? Download these apps, explore the possibilities, and let your inner moneymaker shine!

Bonus Tip: Keep your eyes peeled for exclusive deals and flash sales on these apps. Score amazing bargains for yourself and boost your potential profit margins as a reseller or affiliate marketer. Happy hunting!

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