Cash App Account Closed? Can You Create A New One?

So, your Cash App account met its unfortunate demise. Don’t panic! This guide and FAQ section will unravel the mysteries of closed accounts and answer the burning question: can you create a new Cash App account after yours got the boot?

Reasons for Closure

Before we go into whether or not you can create a new Cash App account after your former one got closed, we need to first understand why the account was closed in the first place so that in the event that you are able to make a new account, you would know the pitfalls to look out for to avoid getting booted out again.

Common reasons include:

  • Terms of Service violations: This involves engaging in prohibited activities like gambling, illegal transactions, or violating age restrictions.
  • Inactivity: Failing to use your account for an extended period.
  • Suspicious activity: Cash App might flag unusual transactions or login attempts for security reasons.
  • Linked bank account issues: Problems with your connected bank account can trigger closure.

Can You Make a New One?

The answer depends on the reason for closure:

  • Minor infractions: If your account was closed due to inactivity or minor TOS violations, you might be able to appeal and get it reinstated. All you have to do is to contact Cash App support and ask for their assistance.
  • Serious violations: For severe TOS violations or fraudulent activity, creating a new account is a big no-no. Cash App may link your new account to the closed one and ban you permanently.

Creating a New Account (Proceed with Caution):

If you’re eligible for a fresh start, use a new email address and phone number not associated with any previous Cash App accounts. Be truthful during verification and avoid any activities that led to your previous account’s closure.


  • I have money in my closed account! Can I get it back?Absolutely! Contact Cash App support to explain your situation and request a withdrawal. They will guide you through the process.
  • Can I use the same bank account with my new account? If the previous closure wasn’t related to your bank account, it’s fine to use it. However, proceed with caution if it was linked to the closed account.
  • I was banned from using Cash App, can I create a new account? Unfortunately, no. If you were banned from using Cash App, that could mean you committed a serious offence and creating a new account is of no use as it can be linked back to the old one and deactivated again. Your best bet in this situation is to contact Cash App support and see if they can reinstate your account.
  • What if I accidentally create a new account with the same information? Cash App might flag it and request additional verification. Be honest and cooperative to avoid further complications.


  • Honesty is key. Don’t attempt to bypass Cash App’s security measures.
  • Always review the Terms of Service. Knowing the rules helps prevent future closures.
  • Contact Cash App support for specific guidance. They’re there to help!

Navigating a closed Cash App account can be frustrating, but this guide should clear the clouds. Remember, responsible usage and open communication are your best bets for a smooth Cash App experience. Now go forth and (responsibly) conquer the world of mobile payments!

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