4Money Click Review: Withdrawal | Login | Real Or Fake?

Recently, many of you have reached out with questions about a specific website: the 4Money Click, or Money4Click platform. With the abundance of scams and false promises in the make-money-online sphere, your skepticism is warranted.

Many wonder, is Money4Click a legitimate platform or just another of the countless internet hoaxes? To get to the bottom of this, I signed up, explored their features, and drawing from my years of experience in navigating such sites, I’ve formed my verdict. But first, allow me a moment to quench my thirst, and we’ll dive right in.

Note: In this review, I have used the Nigeria Naira currency but the verdict is the same no matter where you’re from. So whether you’re counting dollars, rupee, rand, cedis, or any other currency, the conclusion remains the same. Let’s get into the 4Money Click details now.

What Is The 4Money Click Website All About?

The 4MoneyClick is a platform that promises to pay you for performing various tasks on the site. These tasks range from referring friends, watching videos, installing apps, etc. Although their location is hidden, they claim to be based in Nigeria and work with various advertising agencies.

4Money Click Review: How Does The Site Work?

As soon as I signed up on the Money4Click website, a bonus of 10,000 naira was added to my balance. I needed to perform other tasks available on the platform to earn more money to be able to meet the withdrawal threshold which is pegged at 90,000 naira. And this is my review of the platform.

The Referral Program

According to the owners, if I share my referral link among my friends, I will be given 900 naira for each person who just clicks on the link. And if they eventually join after clicking, I will earn 9000 naira more for each of them who joined.

Now let’s do the maths.

We are going to assume I shared my referral link on my WhatsApp status, and that I have 100 viewers.

Out of the 100 viewers, 20 persons found it interesting and clicked my link to check it out. So how much did I earn from just those clicks?

900 x 20 = 18,000 naira

I already earned eighteen whopping thousand naira from 20 people just clicking on my link. Waoh! Even the almighty Google doesn’t pay that much.

But then, it gets even more interesting…

From those 20 persons who clicked on the link, if 10 of them decide to give the site a try by signing up, how much would I have made?

Remember, we were told we would be paid 9000 naira for each person who joins the platform using our link. So, here’s the math again:

9000 x 10 = 90,000 naira

Haha! Where in the world will you find such type of business? In less than a day, I already made 108,000 thousand naira from just sharing links. If it was that easy to make money, there would be no beggars on the streets. However, we move…

Install App Jobs

Install Apps

Other than the referral program, I was made to believe that I could also earn money on 4Money Click by installing apps, exactly 9000 naira to be precise for each app installed.

However, despite clicking on the install app tasks repeatedly, there was no app to be installed. Instead, I was redirected several times from one site to another in split seconds. They were just serving ads to me to earn money for themselves.

Watch Videos

The third and final way to earn on this site is by watching videos, but trust me, you don’t want to near this part. To earn the acclaimed N7000 for this task, you will be required to watch videos that are over 1hr in length each. I did not bother wasting my time with this task as I couldn’t spend my data and time watching videos on an unproven platform.

4MoneyClick Withdrawal: Can You Get The Money Into Your Bank Account?

Although I already passed my judgment on this site immediately after signing up, I was determined to hit that threshold of 90,000 naira to withdraw as this review would not be complete without it. Hence I did all the tasks I could to reach the 90,000 mark.

After everything, here was what my dashboard looked like:

4MoneyClick review

I was able to earn 99,100 naira after sharing my links with a couple of persons who were interested in helping me put out this review. Therefore, I proceeded to the Payment Center to “cash out” my money.

But what happened after that? Was I able to withdraw? Your guess is as good as mine.

I was not allowed to withdraw as they immediately added more criteria after hitting the threshold. The below screenshots show the different criteria that were stated before and after I earned the 90,000 naira.

Before hitting the payment threshold, here is what their requirements to withdraw were:


Here’s the new criteria after I hit the 90,000 naira mark:

Money4Click Withdrawal

As you can see, three more requirements were added in the second screenshot. This was not initially stated.

So what does this prove? It only proves that any money you earn on this platform cannot be withdrawn. They will keep shifting the goalpost and adding more criteria till you finally get frustrated and quit.

The Verdict: Is 4Money Click Legit Or Fake?

The Money4click website is a capital scam from the pit of hell! You will not be paid a kobo after wasting all your time, effort, and data. Even if you succeed in reaching the initial withdrawal threshold of 90,000 naira, you will be asked to perform some other tasks again and again and again, till you finally give up.

The owners of this site are only interested in using you to make money. By performing tasks on the platform, you are helping them earn money from ads they will display to you, you are helping them increase their YouTube video watch hours, and you are helping them grow their user base. Will you want to continue helping them?

Let me know your thoughts and experiences with this platform in the comments.

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