How to Withdraw Money From Cryptomania

If you are looking to go into crypto trading, then Cryptomania is an excellent platform to get started for free. With this app, you can learn all about the risks, the gains, and everything that comes with trading cryptocurrencies. The best part is that you do not have to invest any money in this as you are given some funds to trade with after installation.

How Does Cryptomania Work?

Cryptomania is a free educational trading simulator that allows you to trade cryptocurrencies without using your own money. It collects data in real-time from the “real” market to simulate the cryptocurrency market. This means that the prices of the cryptocurrencies in Cryptomania will be based on the actual prices of those cryptocurrencies in the real world.

After installing and launching the Cryptomania app, you will be given some virtual currency, around 3k dollars and when you sign up, you will get more $7k. With this money, you can buy, sell, and stake coins, using different strategies to make profits.

Cryptomania also has loads of learning resources that you can access to learn about crypto trading, from videos, articles, quizzes, etc. These are all geared towards preparing you for “real-world” cryptocurrency trading. So in essence, the cryptomania app can be likened to a practical teacher taking you a course in crypto trading.

How to Withdraw Money From Cryptomania to Bank Account

Is Cryptomania Legit?

Unfortunately, the money you are seeing in your Cryptomania dashboard including the bonuses is just virtual and not real money. It is just there for practical purposes to enable you to learn how to trade cryptos. You cannot withdraw this money to your bank account.

Is Cryptomania Legit or Fake?

Just because you cannot withdraw the money in Cryptomania doesn’t make it fake. It is a real simulation app where you can go to learn the rudiments of trading cryptocurrencies.

See it from this perspective; You took a crypto-trading course online from Udemy or YouTube perhaps, and now you need to practice what you learned from the course.

Given that you are still a beginner in trading after having just finished taking a course online, you would not want to risk losing your money while trying to master the trade. This is where Cryptomania comes in. They give you “fake money”, then pull out data from the real-time market, and then give you their platform to practice what you learned from those courses you took.

With these, you get to hone your skills in crypto-trading while not losing any money in the process. Think this is fair enough, don’t you?

So How Can You Make Money From Crypto?

Since you cannot withdraw the funds from the Cryptomania app, how then can you make money from trading crypto coins? Simple. By using real apps and spending real money.

If you feel you have what it takes to start trading cryptocurrencies, then you can sign up on the biggest crypto trading platform in the world, Binance.

Binance is where buyers and sellers converge to buy and sell different crypto coins. It is a global cryptocurrency exchange platform that offers trading, buying, selling, and storing of lots of digital currencies.

Even if you feel you don’t have the knowledge it takes to start trading with real money yet, there are countless videos you can watch on both the Binance app and YouTube. You can also keep using the Cryptomania app to continue mastering your trading skills. Once you are ready to start trading with real money, you can begin with small amounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cryptomania used for?

Cryptomania is an app for learning how to trade cryptocurrencies using virtual currency. It is more like a demo software where you practice your skills in crypto trading without risking your money.

Can I withdraw my money from Cryptomania?

No, you cannot withdraw the money from Cryptomania. It is only meant for buying virtual crypto coins, bidding for items, and engaging in tournaments on the app.


Cryptomania is a great starting point for crypto beginners, allowing practice without risk. You cannot withdraw the money you earned on the platform as it is just a demo currency. However, before trading real money on platforms like Binance, it’s wise to use such tools to learn and build confidence.

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